I was confident that I was in charge of my life. And then I heard the sound that changed my life forever—SNAP!


The football was sailing through the air towards the receiver. I was confident that I could get this interception. I was confident that I could shut down this side of the field that I was defending. I was confident that I was in charge of my life. And then I heard the sound that changed my life forever—SNAP!

Someone ran into my knee, which was planted, and knocked it out of the socket at a 45-degree angle. That’s right, I was looking at the bottom of my foot, which was so close I could reach out and touch it. Immediately, I went to the ground with my leg flopping around in the air like a flag caught in a blustery wind. I sat on the ground stunned. I was in shock. The whole field stopped its movement for a moment. It was as if time stood still.

Looking up, while time was frozen, I saw faces as they looked back at me. They had looks of horror. My leg was off to my left, right at the knee, at a 45-degree angle. I stared at it, as they stared at me, 800 plus people just staring and saying nothing. Then I thought, “I have to either get on the bus (with my leg at a 45 degree angle), go to the emergency room and let them fix it. Or I just have to snap this leg back in place.” I didn’t think twice. I just lifted my leg up a little off the ground and swung my knee out to get a little momentum and then snapped my upper leg in quickly, hoping the bottom half of my knee would follow. Thankfully, it did. While my leg was going back into place, I heard some girl yell out, “Oh gross, did you see his leg!”

Then a picture flashed before me. Call it a vision, or a parable, or something like that. I instantly remembered a word of exhortation that a man had spoken to me. Previously, years before, he talked about how God was going to touch me, and restore me, and I would never be the same again. “Touch me,” I thought! That’s laughable. It is more like God had tackled me.

Over the next few months I did a lot of soul searching. I did not have health insurance and just sat in a chair, with my foot propped up, day after day. As a new husband who could not provide for my family, I was distraught and anxious. Daily, I would pray, read my bible and just keep asking God, “Why won’t you fix this! Why won’t you just take the pain away! Why won’t You just leave me alone!” It took three months for me to calm down and let Him tell me He loved me. And then, one day, I again had the shock of my life: God gave me a dream about holiness.


The DREAM that changed my life forever….

Why would I take time to write a Holy Clubs manual called “Firm Foundations” to lead you on the journey to #happyholiness? Well, it all started with a dream.


Years ago, I had a dream that I was a captain on a college track team. We were competing against other teams in the last meet of the year—the championship. After I finished my race, I was watching my team, but they were losing every single race and we were down 35-0. I knew that in tomorrow’s news our team’s loss would go up and down the east coast and all the others would know we were a weak team. My coach seriously asked me, “What are you going to do to encourage the team?”

I looked at my team, which was still running, and I got ready to fervently yell at the runners, encouraging them to win! But, despite my zealous cries, they did not win. Thankfully, we had one last race! So I got ready to rally the team, hoping we could win that last race. I turned to face the team, but everyone was gone. I asked my friend, “Where is the team?” He replied, telling me that they all left the race. They are not finishing the meet. Instead, they are standing in the tent, waiting for the buffet, which comes at the end of the meet.

I awoke and instantly knew what the dream meant:

The church has settled for a life of “just being saved”—they left their race of holiness—boringly waiting for the banquet at the end (The Wedding Supper of the Lamb; Rev. 19:9).

THE RACE:  The track meet symbolizes the church’s corporate race of holiness. We are supposed to walk holy & to “GO” make disciples. Your personal race of holiness affects the whole team.

35-0: We were losing 35-0 (Isaiah 35), which is a promise from God for Israel, declaring revival will come with power and miracles and GRACE to make His people Holy. Israel will walk on a highway of Holiness. Heb. 12:1-12 affirms that this truth is also valid for you today! God is calling you to run your personal race of holiness—by His GRACE! Your part affects the whole. But!

EVERYONE LEFT THE RACE: In the dream, everyone left the race, went to the tent, and waited for the buffet at the end of the event. The church in America is at a divine moment. We can either finish the race, or we can give up. You can either run your race of holiness or give up. PLEASE DON’T QUIT!!! Settling for “just being saved” and waiting to get into heaven, to eat at The Wedding Supper of the Lamb is not the end goal. Stay in the race of holiness and Go forth with God to make disciples. If you don’t quit, you win!!! #happyholiness.


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