This teaching is amazing! Take time to learn how how to recruit and build your Holy Clubs discipleship group by following a step-by-step, easy to follow script.


YOU: WOW, it was great to hear about your [insert where they are from, their family, or their friends]. Thanks for sharing about your [insert their ministry/occupation]. I enjoyed hearing that you [insert what is “really fun” for them]. Also, it was great to hear about your desire to do [insert their “dream if money was no option”].


YOU: The vision for starting a Holy Clubs is"

Prayer. Evangelism. Discipleship. Holiness.


YOU: We want to Encourage Prayer, Promote Evangelism, Build Discipleship, and Empower Holiness.


Holy Clubs is a unique discipleship tool that teaches foundational truths of the Christian faith while building a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer. As you know, many discipleship programs have great Christian content, but Holy Clubs uniquely creates an interactive group experience of personal growth.



YOU: Did you know that with Holy Clubs you can expect results such as,

  1. Grow in hearing the voice of God.
  2. Build upon foundational Christian truths.
  3. Learn enjoyable prayer.
  4. Revive your heart in the beauty of holiness.
  5. Overcome little nagging struggles.
  6. Pursue attainable holiness.
  7. Unlock creative writing skills.
  8. Grow in the gifts of the Spirit.
  9. Train to “GO and make disciples”


YOU: Which one, or more, of these results would you like to grow in?


Wait for them to answer...


YOU: Holy Clubs can help you grow in [insert each of their desired results].


Also, dialogue about the desired results with your list below.




HEAR God’s voice: Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (Jn. 10:27). But only a few are able to rightly discern God’s voice. Why? They have just not been trained. I have trained 1000’s to hear the voice of God through our proven training called “textingGod”, and I want to take you on the journey of clearly hearing His voice over and in your life.

GROW your prayer life: Jesus said, “When you pray, say...Our Father...” (John 11:2). How is your prayer life? Could it use a jumpstart? Maybe you need to learn to pray. I have studied prayer for over 30 years, and I want to encourage your lifestyle of prayer. Firm Foundations will help you stay steady in prayer, while learning from the 100’s of praying mentors I have been taught by.

OPEN your heart to God’s love: Did you know that God longs to share His affections with you? The Bible (His word) shouts, “I love you!”, and the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking the LOVE of God over your life. Firstly, Firm Foundations will encourage you to grow in the Love of the Father, who desires a Family. Secondly, if you keep going, you will grow in the affections of Jesus the Bridegroom King. Lastly, you will deepen in your understanding of The Holy Spirit’s love for you — day-by-day, your heart will grow deeper in Love with God’s Enduring Love!

REVIVE your heart: Does your heart need a jumpstart? I really want you to succeed! So, before I promise you anything more, I want to give you a bit of advice: You have to allow the Holy Spirit to move your mind in order to revive your heart. What do I mean? I mean you have to change how you think, so that your heart can beat in resounding victory! When you believe in Jesus and are saved, the Spirit of God bears witness with your spirit (Rom. 8:16) through your conscience (Rom. 9:1). Then, through your spirit and conscience, thoughts enter your mind. Firm Foundations will teach you to set your mind on righteous thoughts that originate from God (Rom. 8:6; Isaiah 55:8-9). You will renew your mind and, in this way, revive your heart.

OVERCOME the little nagging struggles: What are you truly struggling with? What is the thing (or the things) that you know you need victory from? I have walked 1000’s of people into true freedom, but I never did their work for them. You have your own part to play, and I can’t do your part for you. No one else can either. Firm Foundations gives you the tools necessary to go to the Cross of Christ, cooperate with Grace, and walk forth in permanent victory.

FREELY “Go” and make disciples: Jesus, who sent out the disciples, said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (John 28:19). Are you currently making disciples? Do you have a plan to make disciples? Why not? It is so important for you to do this! Making disciples changes your life and the lives of those you’re discipling. So start Firm Foundations today! Then, start a group and take them on the journey of joyful discipleship.


UNLOCK creative writing skills: Do you feel the desire or call to write? Or maybe you are a musician with songs waiting to come forth. Did you know that Holy Clubs Firm Foundations was actually designed as a tool to help bring forth creative writing skills? We do this by providing the training and opportunity for you to combine the Scriptures and what the Holy Spirit is telling you. This is where the WORD + SPIRIT = UNDERSTANDING. As you practice this day by day, over and over again, your creative writing will grow in content and skill.


Clearly define the benefits/results to the person you’re talking to. Explain the impact that Holy Clubs will have on their life, as well as the lives of those they will disciple. Then personalize an invitation to them and invite them to participate:


YOU: I can see that you want to grow in [insert all their desired results].


YOU: Did you know that I have benefited from Holy Clubs? [insert your testimony about how Holy Clubs has helped you] (If you have not yet participated in Holy Clubs yourself, just skip this step.)


YOU: Did you know that others have benefited from Holy Clubs? [insert one or more testimonies]


Example Testimonies –

“Last semester when I started going to Holy Clubs Firm Foundations, I learned how precious our time with God is. I had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts this year. My thoughts were consumed with feeling purposeless, unwanted, and unloved. At one of our Holy Clubs, I had a huge breakthrough by “texting” God. God spoke clearly into my life by telling me what life meant to Him”.

N. George, University student leader


“Now, through the teaching in Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations), I more intentionally spend time in one or two verses asking who the Lord is, what He thinks about me, and praying that and agreeing with that.”

– Kelly Rogers, student athlete


“Ultimately, Holy Club (Firm Foundations) has been the place where I have experienced God’s personal love for me the most, because it is a place that fosters personal encounter.”

– Tim McClaren, University student/prayer leader


Lastly, invite them to get more information about your group:


YOU: Can I send you details about our upcoming meeting?


Wait for them to reply....


YOU: I have several ways to get you the information about our upcoming meeting that will help you [insert results they desire]. How would you like me to send you the information? I can send it in:

  1. Website link (if you have a website for your group).
  2. Detailed email.
  3. Facebook page.
  4. Conference call.


YOU: Can you take time to look up the information right now?


Wait for them to reply...


YOU: I will send you a reminder by [insert method of communication] before our first meeting.


How to set up meeting:

You have to create a way for people to connect and communicate information for your group. There are several ways to do this.

  1. Closed Facebook group: This allows the Facilitator, or other leaders, to control who can see the information in the group, and who can’t. It also gives everyone in the group a central point for communication.
  2. Group texting: ex. Groupme, (etc.)
  3. Web Site: Some may choose to create a personal web site, or use their local church or school.


Details to your upcoming Holy Clubs Firm Foundations meeting?

  1. Day
  2. Place
  3. Time


Thai Lam Director of the Luke 18 Project (Revival is Family) shares about how Holy Clubs has impacted his life and ministry.