Lesson 12 - Holy Clubs Values

Ben takes time to share the 9 values that will strengthen your Holy Clubs.  These vales will inspire and impart wisdom for you to lead with confidence.



The Holy Clubs values drive our “atmosphere and attitude”. The values which you share and build from are what will create the atmosphere in the group.


1st Commandment, 1st Place:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Matt. 22:37). We value that each person grow in the 1st commandment first and foremost. Therefore, we want each group member to be seeking to grow in the 1st commandment, and to build others up this same way. Remember, we are successful because God loves us and we love Him. Our identity is in who God is and what He thinks about us, not in our gifts and ministry assignments. We want to fight for each other! In this way, we will grow in the fullness of loving God — and, out of that fullness, to love our neighbors as ourselves.



These are very important because they encourage people. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10). His testimony is who He is and what He thinks about us. It is what He has done on the Earth, what He has done in people’s lives, and what He will do when He comes again. When we share what, when, where, why, and how Jesus did something remarkable with who we are, then our faith is increased, and the Holy Spirit builds and encourages the testimony being shared inside of others. In this way, we encourage one another, empowering them to chase after the love of God: to know his love, to love Him, and to love their neighbors as themselves. In other words, in sharing testimonies, we accomplish the 1st commandment, and strengthen others to do the same!



God said, “be holy for I am holy” (1 Pt. 1:16). Holiness is who God is, and what His Children will become. Jesus died so that you could (and would) become holy. The process of becoming holy (sanctification) is God’s only plan for his Bride, for His Family, and He graciously made a way for you to walk this out through the death and resurrection of His Son.


Ordinary to Extraordinary:

God can take anyone ordinary and make them extraordinary, but they must allow the Lord to prosper them according to His Word. The weakest one among you needs to know that they are called to be extraordinary in Christ! And the group needs to fight for the weakest among you, that they would walk in the fullness of their calling: to love God and love people. If you do this, then you are a group that seeks heavenly justice.


Safe & Fun Environment:

We want to create a safe, fun environment: a place where each person feels valued and protected when they share. Encourage vulnerability! But invite discretion. Also, we want to create a space where those being discipled can make mistakes while growing in Christlikeness. We do this by building values in the beginning of each session, as well as waiting for the opportune time to teach, train, and encourage someone who is just learning. Instead of immediately jumping into the middle of the group discussion and trying to correct everything and everyone…hold back. There will come a time. Trust the Holy Spirit, and listen to His guidance.


Value people:

Jesus loves people and so should we. We want to encourage the group to love, cherish, and honor one another. Try to see each other through God’s eyes. This is not a competition. It is a time to build up a group! Each person is unique in his or her God-given personality, so study personality profiles. This will help you learn who others are so you can value who they are in their differences. Walk through group dynamics, understanding personalities different than yours, so that you can be empowered and prosperous.



We believe that the Truth of God’s word trumps societal or cultural norms that are not biblical. Truth is a Man, and His name is Jesus. Know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). So pray like Him, asking the Father, “Sanctify me by your truth!” For the Word is truth (John 17:17).


Ministry to God & New Testament Priests: 

Every individual Christian is a priest before God to the extent that we minister UP, IN, and OUT. You minister UP via meditation, worship, and intercession (1 Peter 2:5; Rev. 1:6). You minister IN via engaging with the Word of God, keeping your heart pure, and growing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit. And you minister OUT via loving people and serving them through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Heavenly Justice vs. Earthly Justice:

We value God’s definition of justice above all other definitions, for His definitions are truth. God’s justice culminates with heavenly salvation through the Cross of Christ Jesus. It is more important for a person to be saved than to have their human needs met. We can make sure people have a full belly, good clothes, and a great education, but if they missed Jesus, they won’t be in heaven. We want them to have both, but there is a very clear priority in the mind of God. Jesus implored the people to seek the Bread from Heaven, who was Jesus, and not merely the bread of earth, which grows old and stale (John 6:47-51). So remember,

  1. Heavenly justice: (very important) a person finds Christ and they are saved.
  2. Immediate justice: (also very important) a person is set free from an immediate prison of painful situation (i.e. healed from depression,  human trafficking).
  3. Earthly justice: (important but must be weighed in righteousness) providing for the daily needs of the people.


There is a fine line as to what is righteous and what is humanistic. Did you know? Jesus stopped giving the people earthly bread so that they could find Him: the Bread of Life (John 6).


Watch the testimony of a full time Business Leader that stayed up late to edit Holy Clubs Firm Foundations.

***He also helped to translate the material into the Portuguese language. Why? So that the poor children in the streets of Brazil would learn to walk Holy... this man is amazing!!!