Lesson 7 - Facilitator Coaching Teachers

Ben shares about how a facilitator can raise up a teacher (even if the person has never taught before).

Facilitator Coaching Teachers

Each week the facilitator will have to pick and prepare a teacher. It is important that you give the teacher enough time to get ready (but it really does not take that long to become familiar with the notes). Therefore, encourage them to go over the notes ahead of time. And encourage them that they do not have to be experts in this subject. Below is what you would potentially discuss with a teacher ahead of time:

  1. Coach (20 min.) TIME: The teacher only has 20 minutes to teach. This is to encourage the group to honor each other. The teacher honors the group by preparing ahead of time. And the group honors the teacher by allowing them to teach (learning from the God in them) regardless of their capability.
  2. Schedule: have a schedule, of who teaches when, ahead of time. Give each person more than a week, if possible, to prepare (have them fill out the "Holy Clubs Teaching Schedule” in the first few weeks so that they know when to be ready; this is just your schedule of when you have people teaching; your calendar year. ).
  3. Holy Clubs teacher: ask them to go over the video “Becoming a Holy Clubs Teacher”, which will help them get the overall structure of what is being asked of them (in this video they will get tips on how to grow in teaching others).
  4. Prepare: direct them to go through the notes in the manual (or at www.holyclubs.com ) Ask them to read the bible verses and take any notes that the Holy Spirit highlights.
  5. Questions: have them write down any questions that they have, and then they can contact you before hand (preferably not the night before). Questions will arise. Therefore, both the facilitator and teacher show take time to work this out before had.
  6. Encourage: contact them a few days before they teach and encourage them. One of the benefits of the Holy Clubs model is that the facilitator is raising up teachers. We give you the biblically sound content. Next, the teachers learn the content, prepare ahead of time, and then teach it to the group. As the facilitator takes time to encourage the teacher ahead of time then the teacher can be inspired to succeed.

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