Lesson 4 - SCHEDULE

Ben shares what your scheduled time may look like for a Holy Clubs start to finish.

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What does the time look like more precisely? (ex. 7 to 9pm group)

Potential Schedule 

Welcome and prayer

(5 minutes; 7:05pm) – If more than one group gathers at a time, then all the groups can start in one large room together. Welcome the Holy Clubs by saying, “We are ordinary people called to do extraordinary things. We are groups of praying people, uniting together, growing in holiness and in a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer.



(35 to 40 minutes; 7:40pm) – This is a fun and uplifting time where people set their hearts before God, allowing Him to wash them clean from the day before the teaching. If you do not have a way to worship then just skip this time (ex. no instruments, no one willing to sing, unable to play worship music off YouTube, etc.).


Break into groups

(2 minutes; 7:42pm) – Break off into small groups. If possible, keep the small groups the same each week so that there can be continuity, accountability, building of personal relationships, and individual growth.


“Hello my name is”/Testimonies

(5 minutes; 7:50pm) – Each group has each person share a different fact about themselves. This creates a vulnerable group that cares for each other. Share one or two testimonies, if time allows.


Facilitator welcomes and encourages a weekly value

(5 minutes; 7:55pm) – This is when the facilitator will welcome the group, and emphasize a value that the group needs to grow on, or something that was learned the previous week. Remember to build a different value into the group each week (unless you are re-emphasizing last week’s value). Don’t try to build all the values at once, as moving too quickly often has many negative (and unintended) consequences. Remember, “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” (Prov. 20:21)



(20 minutes; 8:15pm) – It is important that a new person teaches each week and that they prepare ahead of time (see “becoming a Holy Clubs teacher” sheet). The facilitator leading the group can count down the time (10 minutes left, 5 minutes etc.). It is important to be consistent, only spending 20 minutes on the teaching each time, so that others can know what to expect out of each session.


Texting God (Encountering God)

(15 minutes; 8:30 pm) – This is a good time for the facilitator to emphasize “texting God” and “encountering God”. It is also important to share that this gets easier with time. The more times you do this, the more enjoyable prayer becomes! Have them go over the prayer sheet by simply following the instructions. Encourage them to write things down, because this will help them to “BELIEVE” the Truth.

WATCH***Time Lapse VIDEO of Ben Atkinson “Texting God”


(10 minutes; 8:40pm) – VERY IMPORTANT!! This allows people to share and grow. We share so that people can be encouraged to grow in hearing the voice of God, and so that everyone can hear the revelation of who He is and what He thinks and feels about us. This time of sharing helps us all to grow, but it is especially vital for those in the group who are new to hearing the Holy Spirit, as well as those struggling to BELIEVE in God’s truth. I have discovered that many people have heard about God, but they don’t BELIEVE Him or KNOW Him.


Praying UP, IN, OUT

(10 minutes; 8:50pm) – Take turns in a circle, one after the other, praying out loud. Go around the circle three times, each time praying a different step: UP, IN, then OUT

  1. Firstly, Pray UP: Minister the revelation you received back to God. Go around the circle, each person, one after another, declaring the truth back to God. This is so simple, yet so profound (…DON’T SKIP THIS STEP).
  2. Second, Pray IN: Go around the circle again, inviting each person to pray the truth into his or her heart.
  3. Thirdly, Pray OUT: Go around the circle one more time, each person praying the truth and revelation he or she has just received — but this time, praying it outward for family, friends, and others.


The point of this part of the session allows people who may never otherwise pray to grow in prayer. Furthermore, this encourages your future leaders to teach others to pray. Remember, tell them to pray to God (i.e. #talk2God) like He is in the middle of the circle, like He is real and right there in the room with them—because He is!


***At first, this may seem repetitive, but it will allow the group to grow in ministry to God. Also, the people that normally don’t pray will have a safe environment to pray; people will learn to get truth into their hearts, where it can do the most good.


Pray for someone

(10 minutes; 9pm) – This is another time to pray for someone that may need it. (Although, try not to pray for the same person each group.) This can be a supernaturally natural time. Just gently pray for one another. I encourage people to get around one person, ask to lay a hand on their shoulder, and invite the Holy Spirit to speak. Ask what Holy Spirit is thinking and feeling for them.

  1. Ask for a Bible verse – A Bible verse is safe. These are truths that can help them grow.
  2. Ask God for a picture – The picture is what God thinks and feels about the person. Then say it (the picture) and pray it (put your picture into a prayer if possible). Explain to the group that sometimes God speaks in “parables”: pictures or stories that the Holy Spirit gives to help explain or emphasize what God is sharing (Matt. 13:3).
  3. Lastly, stay in the 1 Cor. 14:3 boundaries – Edify, exhort, and comfort. Do not give words about future mates, dates, money, or speak in a directional or corrective tone. Do not coerce. And do not pray in a controlling way.
  4. Worship again – If time allows, gather all the groups back together. Share testimonies as one big group, gather the worship team, and pray for those that are in need — yes, even in the midst of worship. Sometimes, this can be the best time to pray.


***Remember, always stay within the boundaries of 1 Cor. 14:3: edification, exhortation, and comfort!


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