Firm Foundation Module training

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    • FREE PDF of Firm Foundations
    • NO Training Videos
    • NO color book "Firm Foundations
    • NO Leadership Videos
      • FREE PDF of Firm Foundations
      • 29 Training Videos
      • NO color book "Firm Foundations
      • NO Leadership Videos
        • FREE PDF of Firm Foundations
        • 29 Training Videos
        • Full color book "Firm Foundations
        • 18 Leadership Videos


        If you try our product for 30 days, and you are not satisfied, we will refund 100% of your money. Yes, we are that confident in our product. So what are you waiting for. Sign up today!

        FREE PDF Firm Foundations

        This package allows you to Download a Free PDF of Ben's new book "Firm Foundations", which is 163 pages of step-by-step, fun filled, biblically sound, training. You will go through, short easy to read lessons, and then answer the questions that follow.  BENEFIT: this package is free and provides you the necessary tools to walk holy. Also, you can easily print off this PDF and work on it in your personal time.

        SILVER $29

        Learning truly  isn’t something that happens overnight. That is why we developed the SILVER package, which includes 29 additional videos. Ben teaches you step-by-step, how to walk through Holy Clubs, "Firm Foundations". BENEFIT: It is just like having Ben teaching you one on one. And, lots of people say this package has opened their eyes and saved their lives.

        GOLD $62

        In this course you won’t learn things you’ll never use, but instead, this package will be geared towards strengthening your walk of holiness. This package gives you everything in the SILVER package with the addition of purchasing Ben's Full color, Full size (8.5 x 11) book "Firm Foundations". BENEFITS: you won't have to print off the lessons on a separate sheet of paper, and you can easily take this with you to your school or office.

        LEADERSHIP $77

        A leader is not perfect, but knows where they have to go, and has the courage to gather their friends on the journey. The LEADERSHIP package is one of our all time favorites (and a virtual steal at this price). It has everything from the SILVER & GOLD package, and provides the tool for you to "Go" and make disciples, with 18 Leadership Video's  and Comprehensive Teaching Module (this includes stories from Ben's 20 years of full time ministry). BENEFIT: if you follow these steps then you will lead disciples, that will in turn make other disciples. You will help change the world by serving the few efficiently.

        "Ultimately, Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations) has been the place where I have experienced God’s personal love for me the most, because it is a place that fosters personal encounter."
        Tim McClaren – University student/prayer leader

        Tim McClaren
        Tim McClaren Ignite Movement

        "Now, through the teaching in Holy Clubs (Firm Foundations), I more intentionally spend time in one or two verses asking who the Lord is, what He thinks about me, and praying that and agreeing with that.”
        Kelly Rogers – University student athlete

        Kelly Rogers
        Kelly Rogers YWAM

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        We believe you are an ordinary person who is called to do extraordinary things, and we want to help you get there. Our Mission is to give you the necessary tools to take charge of your personal spiritual journey and grow into the extraordinary person you’re called to be.