Ben shares 2 of our Foundational Truths in 1 amazing video!



WORD: The Word of God is sacred (holy). The writer of Hebrews taught that God’s Word was alive and active (Heb. 4:12). This means that His Word is truth that will transform you, and that it is the light to your path (Ps. 119:105) (today and in the age to come). The Word also reveals the heart, longing, and loving affections of God, teaching you who He is and what He thinks about you. We provide rich, biblically sound teachings, so that your soul will flourish in the safety of the Scriptures!

HOLY SPIRIT: The Spirit of God is a Counselor, Guide (John 16:13), Friend, and Teacher (John 14:26). Also, the Holy Spirit has creative power, bringing living and fresh revelation to your heart, soul, mind and strength (Eph. 1:17). The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of the Father (1 Cor. 2:10) and we provide the opportunity for you to enjoy and cultivate a fresh, vibrant, deep and loving relationship with Him.

UNDERSTANDING: WORD + SPIRIT = UNDERSTANDING. As you combine the Word (lamp) with the Spirit (guide) you will grow in Divine Understanding (powerful revelation). Divine Understanding is like a rushing, life-giving waterfall in your life. Imagine a river flowing along a stream bed, quickly picking up speed and then cascading over the edge, plummeting down, crashing upon the rocks below. The river bed is the Word, which provides firm foundations and boundaries, while the water is the Spirit of God, which flows along powerfully. The waterfall is the moment when the Word and the Spirit combine and LIFE explodes forth, taking everything from one level to the next! Holy Clubs provides the tools you need to go from one level to the next, so that Divine Understanding bursts forth, out of your innermost being like a waterfall of living water (John 3:8), touching even to the ends of the earth.


1. Solutions not problems: We focus on the solution and not the problem. Focusing on your problems only gets you more tired and more worn out. Searching out (and acting on) solutions inspires you to succeed.

2. Inspired teaching about God’s holiness: We’ve created biblically sound teaching on Holiness. God graciously made a way for you to be holy — like Him! We give you the answers and invite you to walk towards them.

3. Practical assignments called texting God: We give you practical, engaging assignments called Texting God, which help you apply what you learned. These will revive your heart and train you to hear God’s voice. It couldn't be any easier.

4. Word and Spirit together: We provide strong biblical content rooted and grounded in the Word of God. And we provide powerful moments of encounter with the Holy Spirit in the times of “Texting God”, or when you “talk2God” during the personal prayer time. This abundantly helps build you up as a well-balanced person. Each lesson focuses on the solution, provides easy-to-follow biblical teachings, and follows up with practical assignments. We make it easy!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn from the testimony of an amazing math teacher that said yes to doing Holy Clubs "FirmFoundations" at his school !