Lesson 1 - Texting God Scripture

You start with the Scripture as your door to encountering God the Father and learn to #talk2God!

SCRIPTURE – You start with the Scripture as your door to encountering God the Father.

ENCOUNTER GOD (Go to www.holyclubs.com for a teaching called “Encountering God”)

FIRST, read the Bible content around the scripture; settle your heart before God; then read the meditation verse again; say the scriptures over slowly. You do this to give your heart permission to focus on Jesus in the Scripture; you want to set your heart on God, and distance yourselves from distractions.

SECOND, close your eyes; Go to God; PRAY for the Holy Spirit to teach you all things; PRAY Holy Spirit guide me to the Truth. You do this to set yourselves and come closer to the Holy Spirit; you do not want to be content with just sensing the Holy Spirit’s Presence. Instead, you want to go as close as you can to God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you all things so that you are waiting upon Him and not your intellect.

THIRD, say the scripture slowly, pausing for God to reveal Himself—to reveal TRUTH. It takes God, the Holy Spirit, to reveal God; wait for the Holy Spirit to highlight a word or phrase in the verse.

FOURTH, answer the questions accordingly. REMEMBER talk to God, not just about Him.

TEXTING 3 QUESTIONS – when you text God start with these 3 questions:

    1. What does this scripture show me about who YOU (God) are?
    2. What does this scripture show me about what YOU (God) think about me?
    3. How then shall I pray for my neighbor?


    1. Dialogue back and forth – you want to write questions to God and allow God to respond.
    2. Write down – you write down what you think God may be saying, you do not have to hear “exactly” with “BIG thunder” from Heaven. You write it down because this forces your heart to respond and connect with God at a deeper level.

BUILDER SENTENCE AS A PRAYER – God wants to talk to you. When you write your builder sentence (or the “main point” of your meditation) as a prayer, it will be in two parts:

    1. KNOW – write down the knowledge of God; what He is showing you based on the scripture. (ex. “Our Father in Heaven”… He is a good Father)
    2. BELIEVE – write down what He has showed you in the builder sentence, but turn the sentence into prayer. (Example of a “builder sentence” You are a good Father; open my eyes to see You; help me to believe you’re a good Father).

EXAMPLE: “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.” (Matthew 6:9)

Question #1: “What does this scripture show me about You (God)?”

Me: Father of Glory “What does this scripture show me about You (God)?”

Father: It shows that I am “your” Father and I am “our” Father

Me: What does that mean You are “our Father”?

Father: There is no one like Me; Father: Ask Me what that means.

Me: What does this mean?

Father: I am not like your earthly Father.

Me: How can I trust You?

Father: Wait and see I will show you that I am good

Me: Father, What is the “builder sentence”? Father: I am the good Father worship Me!!

Builder sentence (or main point): You are a good Father; help me to believe You’re a good Father.